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Next issue features an entire strip portraying the life of confinement as imagined by this scary mind,.

Come back for the PSA: The Mishap of All Mishaps BONUS VIEW FROM JAIL Feb! - - My Prison Memories by a.k.a. Mooee

Mama-moo-ee's Public Service

Ugly art CONTEST Ad and old Links, WoW
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MUSIC IN COMA Issue Bars None: Legal Rights Described

a message to button pressers "Press Me and Cry!"  Say hi to Flo and M.I.S. not their real names, costumed-up above
for their nite job as comic-ee characters, Amazin's Sul-Tree Bunda & Rokas Sheela.  Or, visit A Place Called Oopi,  Sub Comic-Sites.

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The Curse of the Bun Ugly or Life Without Song?: 10th fl.
New York
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Job Opening: COMIC-STRIP Executive DirectorBums, the lot of you . . .

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For Security Concerns: The Amazin Warriors Must Wear Disguises: Hope they can can see

. . .not Collide Against The Genesis Goons

Moo toughens up during lock-up

Moo disguises

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NARRBOY Losses Cover to Fish

images almost won

Best Almost Front Cover Art


 Best Almost in Classified Ad Section HERE.

Smallest Kilobyte, Large Pixel Vista, Best Art of WEBSITE DESIGN Almost Committed to Project. GRAND OPENING FREEBIE ART FALLS UNDER LEGAL IF USED IN COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES, OH MY! movie banner Award goes to:

Laced with Emotion

Wabsfire is her name, W.I.T. watch!

Moo's Antechamber

and Moo's Antechamber + Guests

Half a Cover


lacy, who waits for lover's release date

Victory Party ALBUM Release Date

Encryption Confuses Senior Aliens for the latest cover scooper photo: M. I. S.

Encryption Confuses Senior Aliens Again for the latest scooper photo: M.I.S.TooMooee

Moo overheard a signal describing the discovery of a "new species of blondes [monos, sp]" and while code Spanish is new to her, Moo says pics don't look good: "These blondes are ugly!"


Encryption Confuses Senior Aliens for the latest scooper photo: M.I.S. Office:

newsire office

Comic-Strip.Org - Headlines Home Page Web Site in New York City
Welcome to Comic-Strip.Org
Comic-Strip Cameos Natural Selections News
Comic-Strip Your Lives with Comic-Strip Public Online Gallery Dr. Comix Visualize a Comic-Strip of Your Lives: Make a Statement, Submit your art Online or Order a Personalized issue, with your theme in mind, your favorite real person and friends, starring in. Drop that in your cart and hand it out! Here's how you can send us your own artwork or see if your recently submitted works are currently being displayed at our Public Art Gallery.
Is there someone in your life that you'd like to see stripped?
Read more..

Amazin Co. Juice Complex W.I.T. Joins the Chorus

Bound Behind BEACH Bars: "Unforgettable," Artist says to Self!
Comic-Strip Cameo's First Ever "Natural Selection" of Gallery Imagery
Competition is based on not much more than motive and perspiration: Viewers can chose a rating for each piece, landing a yearly Gallery Voter's Choice Prize: Comic-Strip/Comic-Strip Cameos The Characters and Editorial Requirements. Property and Privacy Rights Previous Gallery Winners and losers, or call 212-555-1212 for information. Write-in votes in the Comic-Strip Cameos Voter's Choice elections for best strip submitted to Public Gallery. "Our New York Studio has been compromised by Hurricane Sandy. We are asking Happy Critics to send urgent donations to So. FLA News Bureau, which will transfer funds to Headquarters in NYC for immediate Studio RESTORATION. Please send what you can, if you will (BTW, Mrs. Marble-Moo is sad to know that not one donation has come in since starting the Comic Epic Preview July 4, 2006 and may have an Artistic Block soon.) Heaven help Moo get the Crew of 2 out of that Hot Sun! Online address on Footer. Be generous, if you insist.

"Come into Guest House Antechamber "  What our guest host thought was a far-away whisper in a dream was ever so-real, penetrating dimensions, rendering visions magnified many-fold as he recites his "shapeable" daily soliloquies over powerful radio waves.  The Amazin's  provocative calls to this 'King of Media' finally grabbed this elocutor into his own very-touching-tale penetrating stellar beings the likes he has never doodled.  To be continued . . .

"Tickets" COMIC-STRIP Weekly

Read more..
The Genesis Goons Collide Against the Amazin Warriors in Music in Coma

MUSIC IN COMA by M.I.S. . A story within a story, Moo, oracle, muse and comedian, spins a yarn: the Amazin Warriors and party guest are beguiled by Mother OO's enchanting spin on the trials and tribulations of the Warrior's in Training in WATERWERKS, The Hours to the Early Years, adding  a surprise section to the Victory Party.

But first, a Public Service Message from our Sponsor, MOO

  Absolute Fire "The inmates referred to her as Mama-moo-ee . . .

but it was really only Wabsfire, a Warrior-In-Training (WIT), serving Mother OO in Prison - - as an "Image Placeholder", waiting to exchange places with the Ever-FREE MOO!  

Music in Coma Gallery Covers the Holy-Daze: We wish you whatever you want, anything, everything, nothing; cheers!
Intergalactic Femme Fatales, the Amazin's need your help: Hurricane Recovery NY Studio One Big Mess

Consensual nothing

Looks like our representative from Earth will be Cold this Winter.  I hope Moo doesn't find out! Philanthropists to Struggling Artists, Kind Donators, New Benefactors, Fans in Far East and India, Please mail urgently needed Sandy Relief Donations Oooopi

A Parallel Moment of Terror as ---The Genesis Goons Collide Against the Amazin Warriors in MUSIC IN COMA, an alternative universe of original prose and attempts at satirical art. Meet the Genesis Goons
Read more..

- Premiere cast for January 30th, if artist makes it that long . . . and endures the end of the rope with dignity!  But Staff Doubts It! Sandy HITS New York Studio, Relief in our Prayers Nightly

  Black Cloak/False Flag Operation Insecure: for the Amazin Warrior Women
Goons confirm! Critics Affirm: It's Another Market! "Mother of all Boars!"

job/life hurts head

Tempting offer?
Really, what dimension is this anyway?
Official Comic-Strips  Announcements
packed with critters
Another Parallel Moment of Terror as ---The Genesis Goons Collide Against the Amazin Warriors in: Music in Coma, (Volume 1, Serial 1, Issue 1, COPYRIGHT, NYC 2023)
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Original and Satirical
An alternative universe for original prose and satirical illustrations

 - What decade is this anyway? Kismet Fred Phisch


Read more..
Amazin Warrior in Training or "W.I.T." Zenubia Rokas, by M. I. S.

But first, another Public Service Announcement, Visually Portraying the Seedier Side of Nature

Legal Juice Covered will be delayed until public gets the message copyright 2023,

Xmas Jail Juice Moo's Prison Memories (as told by Bebe)

amazin's framed COMING NEXT ISSUE: THE JOYS OF INSTITUTIONAL CONFINEMENT in The Mishaps of all Mishaps, as it Happens, a Public Service Announcement relaying a sudden, terrible message to those open for it.
Why Wait?

cdicon Web site mapwebmap

Pale celebrate alien and 2 animas
Read more.. But Be HERE NOW, (" Hey, Now . . ") for the Victory Party, Waterwerks and the rest of the E-Premiere E-Comic-E, Music in Coma
Meet the Comic-Strip Cast of Characters and Other Imaginary and Real Events
Party PLAYOFFS WITH THE GOON duo, Mega and Meta

Read more...teen goons

Infernal Junk in the Van Allen Belt,

but The Celestial Spheres too?!Co. Juice, finally

Previously, this nasty Royal duo, the Goons known as Mega Lord 'n Hauzein and Meta Benign, if I recall, were captured while napping at the Inter-dimensional portal, near Temple Mount. They were drunk and over-fed, yet waiting to lunge on their parallel universe, targeting our world which we call Earth!  The Genesis Goons believe we're all a pain in the as . . I mean, we put infernal junk in the Van Allen Belt and make musical noise to the high heavens, but pollution in The Celestial Spheres? Why should we be charged with such guilt?

Read more..
Sooner or Later

hsgold She thought her groom would be Royal of all Media's, as the sound waves carried quite far . . .

Make travel plans to visit their parallel world! 000pi 000pi 

In prose and premise, ultimately a great presence: Today Moo is Introduced into the World of Art, for-art's-sake

Make travel plans to visit their parallel world! LogoCloud Oopi-Oopi




 Zen Rocks: compulsive colorist and clever chopper, next month
  Support Real and Imaginary Artists
March or Dance  with Xi la Bebe, Zenubia Rockas, Rokas Sheela, Sul-Tree Bunda and Other Amazin' Aliens

Will Fred Win the Comic Cover CONTEST?!swimming with the boyzthe Ugly Art Cover Nomination?

March to her love songs/Dance to her tunes. Kristi la Bebe's in black, but she's not feeling blue. Kristi la Bebe, compulsive colorist and clever chopper, if you see her work, you'll drop tracks fast, toward the trendiest shade and cut - - that you ever had! NYC, Long Beach area (preferably, down her block).  At night, she supplements her income as Warrior-in-Training BEBE (BELOW)
Read more.. FrontCoverJuice Link free and hard to read
Keep it Heard , Make it Steady, Jazz it Up
  Rock 'n Roll Alerts

Hire a Singer JuiceHell

Moo wants Bebe to make it

A song . . . doubles as the comic-strip character MERMEIDA, the Serene Siren from the Metalurges, bewitches Earthly folk with style: sometimes filling in for Sul Tree-Bunda. Known on Earth's earth as Sultrysongbird... She lights up the night as the Web's Comic Torch, the goddess-powered- solar energy, is how Florence commands platforms with song. Who stands to hold a torch for Music, who'll pay its price?
finalists, finally
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- The Comic-Strip Membership Card entitles you to special benefits at a number of cultural and educational institutions which make our celestial sphere such a treasure
Planetary Discounts Available to Comic-Strip Members
Flag of Michelania or 2(Post Moshuguna, Nov. 4, 2023) While Boy appears to MENACE when he threatens people with Black and White or Shades of Gray spells, he can only be charged with being a bit of a long-winded gas, according to witness hear-say of this unique animated empath (image-held-in-place until Art Director returns from Oopi).

Narr, boy or Goon?

Wanda Lust & Narr Boy's Head Shots Landed Them Their Job.  Let us make your head shots remarkable!

Wanda Lust must have knocked Narr-Boy out. Let us knock You Out~

Read more..

State of the Publisher Daemon

At this point in the Publisher's Sickly Life, b2kBoy makes editorial: "We need to welcome, with much generosity and sympathy, if not, at least empathy, the author of this story. The Publisher's Scholarly Service of Tale-Telling, so-oft plugged throughout the Comic-Strip Headline Home Page, stirs hearts and minds.
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 Editorial Bored

Black and White or Shades of Gray: The Corrosive Division of Sorry Spouses
Marriage Angles: Inclusion in the Inter-Galactic System of Federations State of the Union: Comic stripped on her return from the Extraordinary Inter Orbital Summit, which ended on Jan.14 at Intertribal Amerigone Nation's Portal, Wariwhore, Thief cried out for "divorce" - -  "Feels Violated," says Sorry Spouse. Other spouse says, "I'm sorry!"  too late and not sincerely enough.
Cocktail JuicePhoto/Byline by M.I.S. (MOOSNEWSWIRE) 

pal Preview next Feature: Mother OO, young and BARRED for percieved indiscretions.

- More Commentaries

 VICTORYPARTY Don't Miss the Victory Party.  RSVP via embedded invitation and keep "Stay-Out-of-Jail_Free" card in your wallet (BUT FIRST YOU HAVE TO FIND THEM ON THIS PAGE) or Sub webs

  More Big Stars go to Far-Away Places, but why Oopi? News

Radio Waves Signaled an Amazin Wit set to catch her All Media King from other Dimension Junk in Space Offen Flag of Michelania or 3 Co. YentaFloosies or Flossies? Of-ten or Off-en?

(Comic-Strip Action, Dec. 11, 2023) "During our final mission of the year, the following restaurants have very generously provided delicious free meals for our C-S staff and provided molecular equivalents for the alien dietary needs and yens. The Michelin Prize Chefs from Spain's Catalan and Basque regions, were especially proud of scientifically creating delicacies found only outside of this universe, using extreme cooking temperatures and blends of unusual ingredients, all in season, of course.
Good Eats at Mel's: For Recipes, Techniques and Products Portal Registry Bling

4 (Metalurges Musical Festivals, (Dec. 2, 2023) The Amazin Warriors are Honored Guests at the Metalurges Victory Party. Just as they made their polite excuses to leave, the Amazin Warriors when they heard the calls from the band member's. Could the two WIT's stay behind, and jam at the after-show party. It seemed OK with Rokas, the Commander, who felt free-and-easy since the Genesis Goons had just successfully been captured.

The Mishap of All Mishaps, is not only the title to Moo's PSA, but the Goons see their downturn of events as such also. It all came about while the two majesties, Emperor Meta and Lord Mega, were dreaming of their glory, on the doom of the earthbound by helping the insolent whiners realize their biblical prophecies - and blow themselves into oblivion. Comic-Strips Cameos Continues . . .

 Jam @ the After Show Party 

there's a story in here, somewhere . . .

Read more..
Metalurges Victory Party-
Check out Upcoming Comic-Strip Art - Highlights

  WATERWERKS, THE EARLY YEARS delayed by Public Service Announcement

Pretty faces from me to Moo Where's the woyds?

Midnite Swim, Dance, Romance

handmade fish art Caption words are barely readable. What Gaul!!! Handmade Fish Art, My Frying Pan. BTW, Send the artist an All-Clad Pan! Online Address at footer. Thanks!

anywhere but here

Comic-style, in-spite of Chronic Tourettes, all Artistic Differences aside, we offer a preview of the text and comic art to a limited audience. The Poetic Prose of this issues Epic Feature begins at, followed by 14 other caption bubble pages, some still "in-progress" for the first issue, The Amazin Warriors Collide Against the Genesis Goons in MUSIC in COMA. Pure Battle of Sexes Fun-on-the-Run!
While the comic seems prophetic of a future marriage, it is a look at previous marriages, the battle of the sexes, the effects on global harmony . . . art and text of comic venture, an original family of characters, especially Mother Oo and Fred the Fish" -- are looking for regular work, so for a Finder's Fee, Find who can make Fish Famous,narr boy let me know. Thank you.

  Home OF THE Sub Comic-Sites
Applications Open for the COMIC-STRIP Committee of Inclusion

  Turn up that Satellite! Comic JuiceMan


thenewyorkbums.comthe new york bumsAs souls maybe transmigrated or ascended at a point in time, touch life again - - and meet on this particular night no less. A traveling "garage" band fell into the story when they slipped, crossing the portal gates to Oopi, way off course to Port of Tokyo, finally hired for a gig . . . on their way, the band broke up, in "The New York Bums Meet the Fiend of Mt. Sushi" The End. //:

Anti-Practical Manual Review: They're Still Smiling and of a Scientific Mind
by Uriery (AlterMe, Saturday December 11 2022) This reporter fought off probing and teasing information from Miniature Pastor Park On Moon, who celebrated his 91st birthday today and is still performing Wedding Ceremonies and donating funds for non-profit worship centers around the world. We became very close. His motives are still suspect to some, while to others, the full cornucopia of Sung's Song art remains inspirational and spills forth harmoniously before nearly capacity audiences every time.
spew  hs046
Histrionics in Art
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smallnavbar The Holi-daze passed fairly fast from fun and games in the big house, but we'd like to remind readers/viewers  to cut out the stay-out-of-jail-free card, somewhere on this site.  Place it in your wallet and try to do the next right thing . . .
Our heroine knows not what's in store tonight: makeup, madness and a victorious eve of dancing and song, if not for the downturn of events, in this Epic Premiere PREVIEW issue.


Where is the Art Director?  What is on girlfriend's head and face forces her to change agencies!

PEACE NICKS & WAR-MONGERS Thank Supportive Restaurants and Health Practitioners Who Participated in Summer Solar Flare

HERE Proposed Redecoration of Alley on Earth to be Voted on by tHE nEW yORK bUMS During Aug. Rent Meeting. For details, ya bum!


Manna Falls from Celestial Sphere Fair I'm talking website

captions and words

Juice Star for Aliens too!

For a list, click It's like pennies from heaven, click *HERE* MEET space doubles, see author get ass kicked 09/27/2015 out of atmosphere. Oopi Travel Agency

Narrarator, or "Boy" Resigns job as News Commentator
For more information on Narr's (Boy's) life and work, click I WANT FRIENDS, OK? HERE (excerpts to executive sessions).
The Portal Gates to Bum Alley: Outer Dimensional Royalty Collide
Against Earthy Civilians. Stop to Count the "Heavenly Bodies".

They only wish . . .

How I need to get out more, pale, no?!  Juice

Don't Scratch in Public! both

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Encryption Confuses Senior Aliens for the latest scooperxmased04 Stay-out-of-Jail issue

W.I.T. brings HS Honeymoon, a Chartered Space Ship, believing she can keep her Royal Capture. (before)

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