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amazin bubbas
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Moo Beach Cover
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Moo dragon behind bars
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Narr Boy Head Shots
Amazin Balls
The Amazin' Amazini
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Key Words: comic, adult, strip, illustrations, political, comedy, satire, parallel dimension, comics, sexy, politics, gender, genesis, women, warriors, heroines, aliens, parallel, universe, art, marriage, heaven, hell, music, celestial,  spheres, oracles, mystic, art, gallery, contests.
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1:42 am 26 Jan 2023 NYC ALL RIGHTS PRESERVED All donations, fees for leased art, purchase of Fungible, tangible assets: should be sent quickly, to secret location: Paypal: -- Zelle details available at -- Signed Library of Congress Copyright Certificate with terms of fees or donations, if email or address included. Detail purchase item by page name and screenshot, date also. Gallery catalogue of sizes & versions for the asking!