Host: Sunny Giorgio Plugme. Featuring 3 Frames of female warriors and highlights from issues to come. Including Beach Bums. Alley Strips, Cordial Cameos, Soul Searching Visions , Neo-Art, Latin Tragedies, Comeddia DellArte, Blue-zee Flossie's and Jazzy Babes. We'll put sparks in your sparks and fan the flame of passion and fire up your soul!

Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Doodling

Host: The Metalurges, Calliope, Fideos & Confetti, Adorable Aliens, and more. Plus a blend of little band and original cast recordings in midi format and much more!

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Why Wait? You can Have it Now!: Self-Indulgence or Self-Creation?
A moment of terror


Host: Zylda & Zylch singing "Mad Cow Nibbles and Bits" special featuring latest developments on the lighter side of treatments that use mad cow disease as a theme, and much more. March to His Love Songs: Rock Me Baby, All Night Long. O, Jimi Morrison, I Love You, O So Much

Host Cartoon Character: To Be Announced Garage and Alley Designs of the 60's: Kant Wayt and Lakarhythmics flip out on form and function of '60s design and bands that played out of the crate; Mermaida jumps into the crate for classic 60's garage rockers and checks out the scene, the times and the players of this juicy bit of design history to include: The Metalurges, The New York Bums, The Trees of Life, The Jelly Beans, and oh so much more.


Sub Stellar Site
Portal to Celebrity Comic Appearances in Future Feature Issues

MSWEB, Portal to Celebrity Comic Appearances in Feature Issues: Meet the Comic-Strip Cast of Characters and Other Imaginary and Real Events

Music in Coma: Breaking the Spell of Silence

FIRST TEST SITE & ISSUE, TEST EDITION, Saturday Feb 14 , 2023) Intergalactic Femme Fatales, the Amazin's, counter-strike the universal nemesis duo, known to the earthbound as The Genesis Goons, which have been making life tenuous, uncomfortable and jittery. The anti-heroes live out their form of life in a parallel universe which corresponds to ours in many ways, eerily similar world leaders and hidden forces intent on making their beliefs, of One Religion, One World, come true, the One World Goons. That's how they're known in their land.

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Rotate  those wheels!

Visual Maps for Illiterates!


9:36 pm 22 Jan 2023 2023 NYC ALL RIGHTS PRESERVED All donations, fees for leased art, purchase of Fungible, tangible assets: should be sent quickly, to secret location: Zelle: Copyright Certificate with terms of fees or donations, if email or address included. Detail purchase item by name and page name, date also. Gallery catalogue of sizes & versions for the asking!le>
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