A moment of terror: 2 of 3 Animas

Web Inside First Parody Host Subsite: Revamping, But See Plans . . .


Celeb Gallery 1

Web Gallery dream traps HS to accept invitation to
exclusive "Victory Party"

Heroine Warrior-Types

Not Too Bright: Celebs turn down tons of designs
in The Mad Webmaster:  WebDev


mystery to me too

Genesis of the Goons, Celeb Guest Hosts, etc . .  Resemblance Fictional in  Main Web Wheel Spinner

Read all about the Faceless Beauties when the UglyCurse Chapter begins, next issue...

comic-strip imagines his home page

Web News Pure Farce within Current Story Pages in E-Comic Series, read Moo'sNewsWire

Web PSA Moo's Mishap of all Mishaps

Main Webs in Feature Issues Show Original Style - 2

Subsites: All of Moos News DESKS, Meet the Comic-Strip Cast of Characters and Other Imaginary and Real Events


Celeb Galleries merge into Music in Coma

Main man replaces our guest from Earth, while plot thickens


webmap spoof subsite

Webmap Celebrity Early Education Subsite


Finalists & Winners of Ugly Art Season

Faceless or hiding? See when the UglyCurse Chapter begins, next issue...

Future Web 1: gee whiz

Web Bubbles -->Next Issue Look for Caption/Panel Pages with  Comic-E Styles

Don't let them take you!

muselogo Comic Book Parody on HOLD.
the end
What do you want to do tonight?qe2 I don't know!  What . . . tonight?200x196Where do we go from here?

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