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Music in Coma: Breaking the Spell of Silence

MOOSNEWSWIRE, OOPI, (Saturnday, 4 Feb 2023)
Encryption Confuses Senior Aliens, Wreaks Havoc on Cardio-Tri-Vascular
(OneWorldGoons. MOOSNEWSWIRE, Jan. 23, 2023)

Extreme and erratic Babo-Mano-Nano-pulsing
vasculitis -type symptoms have been detected by doctors observing Aliens reading puzzle books in initial experiments to verify that the Seniors from the parallel universe have acclimatized to earth.. "Ridiculous Products!" chime the twins from Gemini Seniors!

The tubes exploded once last week and had to be resoddered using
nanotechnology within the aortic chambers of the bipods tricuspid, triple valved heart muscle. Their cardio-vascular type system has begun to kick into high gear as of Sat. Jan. 31, after replenishing their blood with an infusion of Americuum and Unobtainable, new elements recently assigned to 115 on the Periodic Table of Elements. Promise to slow down their pace until they can accomplish what they call encryption/mens, a psychological term for insecurity in this alien
species. (Mail article suggestions to

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